Ownership and business model are key drivers of bank governance. Case studies are therefore sourced from a cross section of banks covering different ownership and business models, a range of sizes up to SIFIs and different board structures. Whilst the banks for research are mainly drawn from the UK, overseas banks are selected to expand the range of board and ownership structures. Some non-financial organisation are also introduced as governance comparators.

Most importantly and to provide input from experienced practitioners, the research includes semi-structured interviews with past and present bank directors, in addition to the analysis of published information.


Programmes on bank governance are aimed at developing board decision making and effectiveness and are designed for existing and potential banking board members – chairmen, executive and non-executive directors. The benefits centre on a clearer understanding and support for their role and responsibilities, and insights into the changing landscape for bank governance and the implications for future bank leadership.

The programme content provides a tool box of governance knowledge and leadership skills by :

• reviewing board structures, dynamics, roles and directors duties, and

• establishing a basis for board decision making and effectiveness from the standpoints of the drivers of change (viz. competition, technology, reputation and ownership) and the response (viz. purpose and business model).

Programmes are driven by well directed discussion and debate amongst participants and faculty, culminating in a summary and conclusions to draw together lessons and issues for effective bank governance for participants to work on for their individual development. To facilitate maximum participation and sharing of experience, each group is limited to 10 to 15 persons.

The programmes are delivered by UK Finance, and the faculty of experienced practitioners is led by Professor John Mellor. The programme content is informed by FGRE’s Advisory Board of senior practitioners and those with expert knowledge to ensure relevance and engagement with the banking industry.

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