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“Regulation and Culture Change in Banks” by Professor John Mellor (The World Financial Review – September/October 2015)


Responses from regulators to the failures in bank governance and standards of conduct revealed by the crisis of 2007-2008 will fall short of what is needed to restore credibility and trust in financial services. Besides regulation, a change in bank culture that embeds appropriate values and behaviours is needed. But what does this mean in practice? Research on governance and culture of banks has already identified the several key influences that bear on the “soft” issues, and which will require serious consideration by bank leaders of today and those who assume governance responsibilities in the future.

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Stewardship and Engagement ( May 2013)

Author Dr John Mellor.

Sponsored by and conducted in association with:

  • Schroders Investment Management
  • Newton Investment Management
  • Royal London Asset Management
  • Standard Life Investments
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An Investigation into Stewardship ( June 2011)
Engagement between investors and public companies:
Impediments and their resolution

Authors - Dr John Mellor and Charles Cronin CFA

To download the pdf file click here

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PRACTICAL CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: for Smaller Quoted Companies and Private Companies by Dr John Mellor (Jordans 2nd Edition 2013)

This edition gives greater emphasis to people in governance, more case studies, and examines the relationship with shareholders and takes a critical look at the future for governance.

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by Richard Smerdon

One chapter by Dr John Mellor: "Corporate Governance and Central Government"

Publishers: Sweet & Maxwell [April 2004]


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