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Research Advisory Board

University governance research benefits from support from FGRE's Research Advisory Board (RAB) of experienced practitioners who provide independent advice on projects. Their aim is to preserve a proper balance between scholastic and practical output and ensure the relevance for the economy and society.

FGRE is currently assembling a Reforming Banking Governance RAB. This research adopts an interdisciplinary and integrated approach, exploring the implications for governance, regulation and culture from a range of ownership and business models.

The RAB so far includes:

  • Professor John Mellor (Chairman)
  • Chris Leslie, former Citibank Vice President, director and head of financial services at Whitehead Mann plc.
  • Alan Brown, former director of Schroders plc and Governor of the Welcome Trust
  • Sir Bryan Nicholson, former CBI President, company chairman and director and chairman of the Financial Reporting Council.
  • Sir Anthony Salz, former senior partner of the law firm Freshfields, currently Vice Chairman of Rothschild & Co, and author of the Salz Review of Barclays business practices.

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February 2019