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A Charitable Trust dedicated to thought leadership and best practice in governance

Foundation For Governance Research And Education (FGRE)

FGRE was founded by Professor John Mellor, Professor of Governance in Banking and Finance at the University of Leicester. It was first established as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, and known as the Foundation for Independent Directors. Its name was changed to the present Foundation for Governance Research and Education to embrace its wider remit when it was granted charitable status in 2008.


FGRE was established to advise on the design, implementation and dissemination of university research in governance to ensure its relevance and application outside academia, focussing on practical impact to compliment the advance of governance scholarship through academic publications and teaching.

Practice Statement

  1. FGRE supports governance research at the University of Leicester, operating in partnership with but independent of the University. A collaboration agreement with the University establishes its advisory role, which takes effect from the application for funding stage to completion of a project.

  2. FGRE operates through its Advisory Council of experienced and influential persons from the business, finance and public sectors. Led by the Chairman, Professor John Mellor, the Advisory Council gives valuable and focussed support for the University's work on governance by providing connections with the business world alongside its advisory role. In this capacity members of Council are invited to serve as member of project-specific advisory boards, alongside named academics from the research team. Members of Council are in the majority and one is nominated as chairman.

  3. Publications of governance research arising from collaborative projects with the University are posted on FGRE's website.


In its role as a partner with the University on governance research, FGRE's costs are included in applications for research funding. This is in addition to donations which recognise its purpose of supporting the University of Leicester.

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A company limited by guarantee No. 4396150 and Registered Charity No. 1124053 ( England and Wales )

December 2015
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